Utopia Roundabout ― A wayfinding guide map
for every dubtful driver.

The idea of a sustainable way of driving, for all vehicles, and users, through this complex intersection has made me designed, as personal project, this portable guide with the aim to offer a good, comprehensive and clear tool for user-drivers and cyclists and their space of interaction. The brief occurred during the observation of several roundabouts and driving highway code in Italy, which of course have standards, but not a clear one on roundabouts circulation. Most of drivers infact use to engage this space "on a hunch".

The map wich takes inspiration from underground line maps, for their clearness, offer several cases to approach a three lanes roundabout (chosen for complexity and variety of cases) displayed with a spatial infographic diagram. This project wants to be a portable wayfinding tool for guidance to all type of user and being and an input for spreading a good behavior and stimulating the change.

for CV and collaborations,
say ciao, hello to filipporosside@yahoo.it
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