Hesalis & Reviride ―  Identity

Healis is a sturtup based in Umbria mainly operating in agriculture.
The visual identity consists in a rich report of activities and business development and a UX client to client map of the arable terrains.
The farm group is an newbie firm in the green economy italian startup panorama. Started up in green Umbria region; its core business is about production and transformation of hemp fibers plant; Hesalis ltd & Reviride, its spinoff, association provide spreading culture green economy “good practices” inside environmental crisis territories. The objective was to give a tool to explore available and arable ground soil on their neighborough, in order to restore it.

The challenge as designer was to comunicate a recognisable and bespoke visual identity, which had to create awarness of brand and activities in the territory, through an editorial project for the business presentation with infographics and maps.

Identità visiva della società agricola e startup Hesalis e dell’associazione Reviride con sede in Umbria. Il progetto è incentrato sulla volontà di diffondere la cultura delle buone pratiche agroalimentari e di trasformazione della canapa per produrre ricchezza per e con il territorio.
Il progetto editoriale e di presentazione aziendale è concepito con una serie di infografiche informative sui processi dell’azienda volti ad ampliare partecipazione ed investimenti da parte di partner e stakeholder.

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